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In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey stopped the drunk pharmacist, Mr. Gower, from prescribing the wrong drug to a young boy.

pharmacy it_s a wonderful life scene

Remember the scene?

If George hadn’t stopped the pharmacist, the young boy would have died. Pharmacist Gower was so sincere!

He had been sure he prescribed the correct medication.

Yet he was wrong.

Sincerity doesn’t affect Truth.

Truth can’t be changed.

Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). That is a statement, not a feeling—a certainty, not an inclination.

When you think about Jesus, think about:

  • His Ministry – He had a distinct purpose; he came to heal the sick. Truth.
  • His Resurrection – In all the years of kibitzing, nobody ever found His body. Why’s that…because he has been resurrected. Truth.
  • His Message – The Old Testament (Isaiah 53, for one) paved the way and predicted Jesus’ message. Romans 3:22 tells us, “This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile…” Praise God in that Truth!

Sincerity is a wonderful attribute. But it only takes you so far.

Your thoughts?

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member
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This Little Light of Mine

Messages, Reflect

“We shine like lights exposing what lies underneath decomposing”–Josh Garrels // Freedom

We’re a Consumer Society. Let’s face it, we want to make it all about us.

star lights in treesBut was that what God intended?

Pastor Kevin’s message, How Bright Are You? touched on being a light for Christ—being his ambassador.

Ponder again on Daniel 12:3.  Look at how The Message reads, “Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies.  And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever.”

created by Millie134 in Kindergarten at The Oak Hill School
from school project “Kindergarten Auction Project”
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We have it all wrong. It isn’t about us—it’s about Christ. It’s about our lives knitting with others, promoting a relationship with Christ.

If it was to be all about us, who are we to shine to?

Who are we to be ambassadors with?

Verse after verse. Chapter after chapter. Page after page all point to promoting a relationship with Jesus. First we’re to concern ourselves with our relationship, then we are to promote others in their relationship with Jesus.

Ponder this note. How are you shining? Who are you shining to? It matters … it really really matters!

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

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A Few Good Men & Women

Creation, Genesis 11, Genesis Overview, In The Beginning, Reflect

Last Sunday, Pastor Kevin closed the summer series, In the Beginning, with Genesis Chapter 11.  (LISTEN in here:, and watch The Bible Project’s, “Genesis Overview,” here:

Genesis 1-11 Overview (Part 1)

We saw how the first eleven chapters of Genesis covered God’s creation of man and man’s sinful choice to become his own god (drat that fruit, Adam and Eve!).

So much peace and perfection! God loved us and wanted everything good for us. But that wasn’t enough–Man wanted it all. And because of our selfish hearts, we lost it all. Yet God loved us and sought to make a clean start again. The Bible Project (Genesis Part 1)

With Noah, he saved a remnant and began anew. Unfortunately, along with the animals Noah carried to safety, sin also stowed away in the ark within the people’s hearts.

God chose to work within Man’s heart—sinful and broken—to find a way to redeem all of mankind. While prideful men were setting themselves apart, God found two—Abram and Sarai—who would follow. The Bible Project (Genesis Part 1)

While Babel was built with man’s self-directed arrogance, God chose to build Israel through humility and obedience.

It’s funny how that worked then, and God’s still in the business of looking for a few good men and women willing to be obedient.  The Bible Project (Genesis 11)How’s your heart?

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

Call Me Kittim (REFLECT on “In the Beginning: God Created – Genesis 10)

Genesis 10, In The Beginning, Reflect

How Pastor Kevin shared Genesis 10 last Sunday was such a great gift.  (LISTEN in here>  How does the reader of the chapter find value in a bunch of names that are too difficult to pronounce, let alone remember?!

Simply, God inspired these names to be written.

God saw value in each and every one of the men noted. No details were given, and no details were needed. These men were valued by God. They weren’t perfect. In fact, some of the names listed were the forefathers of some pretty violent tribes (Amorites and Canaanites). But they all were descendants of Noah, a righteous man.

Many of the names listed have faded into oblivion. Nobody knows who they were or ever heard of them, but God knew, and never forgot as stated in Isaiah 49:16, “I [God] have engraved you on the palms of my hands….”

No matter how dastardly we are, if we truly repent and ask for forgiveness God will restore us. His word tells us so. And after each of us is gone and our friends and family forget us, God never will. If we could see his hands, we’d see the name “Kittim” inscribed. And you’ll see the names of a boatload of forgiven sinners…like me.

 Is 49

 Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

Even With New Beginnings, We Still Have an Old Nature

Creation, In The Beginning, Reflect

Last Sunday Pastor Fe reviewed Genesis 9—a new beginning. (LISTEN IN here:

Noah’s new beginning wasn’t paradise, but it was full of promise. All the world’s sins had been punished, but unfortunately, not eradicated.

Peter Spier Noah Book imageYou’d’ think life would have been almost perfect again. Remember, Noah had found favor in the eyes of God (Genesis 6:8). Call it what you will, Utopia, Shangri-La, or Nirvana, the Earth had a promise from God—a rainbow—telling us he’d never again destroy the world with water. Even though everything grew new, it still wasn’t Eden. That’s because Noah brought sin along with him. And that sin cursed Canaan and his children forever.

Isn’t that like us after we accept Christ as our Savior?  We have a new start. All sin behind us is forgotten. Jesus’s blood paid that price. But we still have our Old Nature; we still sin. That Jesus cleansed our sins away is very powerful, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that sin is still around us and extremely powerful.

We have to take sin seriously and turn away from it. We can, because we have hope. When we accept Christ we each have a new beginning—we have our own Genesis 9 experience.

Rejoice in your new beginning, but be on your guard.

Sin is still sin.  gen 4 7

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

REFLECT (Genesis 7) – Then & Now

In The Beginning, Reflect

Pastor Brown reviewed Genesis Chapter 7 last Sunday (LISTEN in here: and I was struck with the similarities between then and now. Life was hard for Noah—he was the only righteous man left. It grieved God’s heart that man had come to the place he did. God decided to start over.

Who could blame God?

He’s promised never again to cover the world with water like he did in Noah’s day. But look at where we are. And before we start pointing the finger to the societal changes of late, let’s focus on our own hearts.

In Genesis 7:4, God warns Noah that the rains will come in seven days. What would you do if God came to you and told you everything would be over in seven days? Would you go about with business as usual, or would you have an urgency? Just think—seven days to influence all those you love! Would you be on your knees begging for God’s help with reaching unbelieving loved ones or would you be hitting the stores, getting the best sales?

Yes, the state of our country is in dire need of healing, but please, Father, start with me first—the most vile of all.

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

Can Anything Stop Blessings?! (Genesis 5)


Genesis 5 tells us that sin—even murder–cannot change the plans of God. With Cain killing his brother, Abel, Satan tried again to introduce darkness into the world. But God was patient and allowed the path set by Cain’s sin to work out.

The generations were as follow:

Adam – 930 yrs.

Seth – 912 yrs.

Enosh – 905 yrs.

Kenan – 910 yrs.

Mahalalel – 895 yrs.

Jared – 962 yrs.

Enoch – God took him J

Methuselah – 969 yrs.

Lamech – 777 yrs.

Noah –





Here we see how through generations blessings abounded by God’s—broken, yet faithful—representatives. How do you see your walk with God?

Or maybe a better question would be how does God see what you allow your walk to be?

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

REFLECT: God Created (Genesis 2)

Creation, God Created, In The Beginning, Reflect

Pastor Kevin reviewed Genesis 2 last Sunday–how everything changed from what it had purposed to be.  (LISTEN in here)

Ever think about how that works in your life?

Maybe like Adam and Eve, it’s your marriage. Just like their relationship, it was designed to be perfect. Honest. Filled with trust. Yet their marriage went off the tracks. I’m not certain where exactly, but they started listening to the serpent instead of The Creator.

How’s that equate in our lives?

Maybe we start listening to society instead of what the Bible has to say.

Maybe we take our issues to Social Media to solve by consensus instead of prayer.

Before we judge Adam and Eve too harshly, we need to look at ourselves. My hope is that we learn from the mistakes that came before us.

Robin Luftig, Steering Committee member

REFLECT: The Counselor – Part 1, Why Are You So Afraid?

Reflect, The Counselor Series

“Oh Lord of the wind and the waves
If You’re with us we will not be afraid
No storm can separate us from Jesus—
You’re mighty to save
All of those who call on Your name”
–Josh Garrels, Anchor of My Soul lyrics (more here>)

Pastor started a new series called The Counselor.  He remarked that Christians often try to hide their storms from others, but Christ knows our hurts and hearts.

Reading Mark 4:35-41, we learned that storms will come. Verses 39 & 40 remind us, “He [Jesus] got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Quiet! Be still!’ Then the wind died down and it was completely calm. He said to his disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

In the midst of a storm, seek God’s presence and his purpose for you. James 1:2-4 tells us that “the testing of our faith produces perseverance.”

Let God mature and change you when the next storm appears.


By being anchored to Christ.

— Sherry Gilbert, friend of Lighthouse

REFLECT (Thoughts From Messages–SAMSON, Part 4)

Reflect, Samson Series
The entire legend of Samson (Judges 13 – 16) is powerful, but the conclusion of Pastor Kevin’s message last Sunday offered the crescendo to the story. *LISTEN IN here:
We learned that Samson had been prideful, only focusing on his wants. But that never changed the fact he had been chosen by God to lead Israel.
Mistake after mistake…failure after failure…nothing changed the fact that he had been part of God’s plan. Even though Samson’s choices had not followed the path set for him, God still used him in a powerful way.

Please remember, a failure is an event, never a person.

And when you fail (and you will), speed up the healing process.
Repent (turn around) and move on.
It’s not the end of the world! Good things are still planned for you.